November 24, 2015

whenever she mentioned her name

Marianne's ideas were still, at intervals, fixed incoherently on hermother,it gave a pang to theheart of poor Elinor, who, reproaching herself for having trifled withso many days of illness, and wretched for some immediate relief,fancied that all relief might soon be in vain, that every thing hadbeen delayed too long, and pictured to herself her suffering motherarriving too late to see this darling child, or to see her rational.

She was on the point of sending again for Mr. Harris, or if HE couldnot come, for some other advice, when the former--but not till afterfive o'clock--arrived. His opinion, however, made some little amendsfor his delay, for though acknowledging a very unexpected andunpleasant alteration in his patient, he would not allow the danger tobe material, and talked of the relief which a fresh mode of treatmentmust procure, with a confidence which, in a lesser degree, wascommunicated to Elinor. He promised to call again in the course ofthree or four hours, and left both the patient and her anxiousattendant more composed than he had found them.

With strong concern, and with many reproaches for not being called totheir aid, did Mrs. Jennings hear in the morning of what had passed.Her former apprehensions, now with greater reason restored, left her nodoubt of the event; and though trying to speak comfort to Elinor, herconviction of her sister's danger would not allow her to offer thecomfort of hope. Her heart was really grieved. The rapid decay, theearly death of a girl so young, so lovely as Marianne, must have strucka less interested person with concern. On Mrs. Jennings's compassionshe had other claims.

She had been for three months her companion, wasstill under her care, and she was known to have been greatly injured,and long unhappy. The distress of her sister too, particularly afavourite, was before her;--and as for their mother, when Mrs. Jenningsconsidered that Marianne might probably be to HER what Charlotte was toherself, her sympathy in HER sufferings was very sincere.

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November 06, 2015

with a balanced approach

That’s how we can reduce our deficit without laying off workers, or forcing parents and students to pay the price. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. It’s the kind of approach I’ve proposed for two years now. A majority of the American people agree with me on this approach – including a majority of Republicans. We just need Republicans in Congress to catch up with their own party and the rest of the country.

Now, I know there are Republicans in Congress who would actually rather see tax loopholes closed than let these cuts go through. And I know there are Democrats who’d rather do smart entitlement reform than let these cuts go through. There’s a caucus of common sense. And I’m going to keep reaching out to them to fix this for good.

Because the American people are weary of perpetual partisanship and brinksmanship. This is America, and in America, we don’t careen from one manufactured crisis to another. We make smart choices. We plan. We prioritize. So I’m going to push through this paralysis and keep fighting for the real challenges facing middle-class families. I’m going to keep pushing for high-quality preschool for every family that wants it, and make sure the minimum wage becomes a wage you can live on. I’m going to keep pushing to fix our immigration system, repair our transportation system, and keep our children safe from gun violence.

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