January 21, 2016

had marked it with the tricolour

"Such are not my orders. You will be visited, and can ask then. Atpresent, you may buy your food, and nothing more."

There were in the cell, a chair, a table, and a straw mattress. Asthe gaoler made a general inspection of these objects, and of the fourwalls, before going out, a wandering fancy wandered through the mindof the prisoner leaning against the wall opposite to him, that thisgaoler was so unwholesomely bloated, both in face and person, as tolook like a man who had been drowned and filled with water. When thegaoler was gone, he thought in the same wandering way, "Now am I left,as if I were dead." Stopping then, to look down at the mattress, heturned from it with a sick feeling, and thought, "And here in thesecrawling creatures is the first condition of the body after death." "Five paces by four and a half, five paces by four and a half, fivepaces by four and a half."

 The prisoner walked to and fro in his cell,counting its measurement, and the roar of the city arose likemuffled drums with a wild swell of voices added to them. "He madeshoes, he made shoes, he made shoes." The prisoner counted themeasurement again, and paced faster, to draw his mind with him fromthat latter repetition. "The ghosts that vanished when the wicketclosed. There was one among them, the appearance of a lady dressedin black, who was leaning in the embrasure of a window, and she hada light shining upon her golden hair, and she looked like * * * *Let us ride on again, for God's sake, through the illuminated villageswith the people all awake!

* * * * He made shoes, he made shoes, hemade shoes. * * * * Five paces by four and a half." With such scrapstossing and rolling upward from the depths of his mind, the prisonerwalked faster and faster, obstinately counting and counting; and theroar of the city changed to this extent- that it still rolled inlike muffled drums, but with the wall of voices that he knew, in theswell that rose above them.

TELLSON'S BANK, established in the Saint Germain Quarter of Paris,was in a wing of a large house, approached by a courtyard and shut offfrom the street by a high wall and a strong gate. The house belongedto a great nobleman who had lived in it until he made a flight fromthe troubles, in his own cook's dress, and got across the borders. Amere beast of the chase flying from hunters, he was still in hismetempsychosis no other than the same Monseigneur, the preparationof whose chocolate for whose lips had once occupied three strong menbesides the cook in question.

Monseigneur gone, and the three strong men absolving themselves fromthe sin of having drawn his high wages, by being more than ready andwilling to cut his throat on the altar of the dawning Republic one andindivisible of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death,Monseigneur's house had been first sequestrated, and then confiscated.For, all things moved so fast, and decree followed decree with thatfierce precipitation, that now upon the third night of the autumnmonth of September, patriot emissaries of the law were in possessionof Monseigneur's house, and weredrinking brandy in its state apartments.

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